Apartment 10 Blue Mount



Client: Troanski family


Location:  Sofia, Blue Mount, Krastova Vada


Floor Area: 142 sq.m. balcony included,



KreoPro SM


Stage:  Realization,



Photos: Stefan Kutzarov



This two levels apartment is located on the top floor of one of the complex buildings. First level is bigger and is surrounded from two sides by “L” shaped balcony. It consists of one open-plan livingroom with dining and kitchen zones, two children bedrooms and a bathroom. Second level is designed for master bedroom, small bathroom, toilet and closet. Before the redesign, the floor plan was not particularly well thought out, specially the bedrooms and bathroom zones of the first level. That required demolishing a few walls in this area and constructing new ones in a different configuration and more strict organization.

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The living room, with its double ceiling, had its layout and atmosphere transformed. On one site of this space there are stairs in specific appearance (in the primary design they were twisted circular stairs), which configuration enable getting up to the second level in a very economical area. All slope ceilings are wooden panelling and wooden beams with built in lighting.

All Floors have been leveled.

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