racks & hooks at studio “THE SECRET GARDEN”

The art installation “Secret Garden” is part of the interior which I designed in a flat on the last 12th floor of the building “Red Apple” in Sofia. The building was inspired by the Soho neighborhood of New York.

 The contrast between the rough bricks, the metal construction and the spiritualized art space were leading to me in the creation of this slot and the elements in it.

 When designing the interior I needed a unifying unit to be a leading focus in the area of housing. Therefore, I created “Secret Garden”, installation which also brings beauty and functionality in the space inspired by street and pop culture! This is how was born this wall – picture hanger.


Due to the fact that the owner is a connoisseur traveler, bohemian, but also a practical man, I decided to design another more functional art object – hanger called “Urban Folklore” This is a spot for clothes and belongings – in the style of South American traditional motifs.

 The two art installations have something as a unifying focus and cooperate directly with the interior. They are in union with the many objects, furniture (which are also with ethnic motives) and works of art that the owner brought from his travels.