Client: IY,


Location: Sofia downtown,


Floor area: 110 sq.m.,


Stage: In progress,






The project implementation started with the overall demolition of the dilapidated old roof. In order to preserve the authentic look of the house and due to a number of legal and constructive requirements, I invented the construction of a new wooden structure with preserved main heights and positions of the bearing elements. I designed 6 new dormer wholly windows, to the beat of the existing facades to gain more light in the residence.newsaite2

The loft is housed in an old building built in 1927, located in the downtown of Sofia, consisting of living room, kitchen and two bedrooms. During the construction of the new look inside-out, I was lead by the old spirit of the building and the neighbourhood, the proximity of the busiest central areas and the dynamics of the present time. Therefore, the organization of the space and the furniture combine classical techniques and traditional natural materials (wood taken of the old roof design, metal, etc.), but mixed a modern variety.

The interior is still under construction.